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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Plans for 2013

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I don't do resolutions.  Partly because I don't keep them and partly because my "new year" starts in July, with the academic calendar.

I do, however, do goals.  Not in a life-coach, reach for the stars kind of way, but in a "here's what I want to accomplish" kind of way.  This year, there are four.

1) Learn to sew.
Luckily, I have a wonderful mother who is talented in this area, and can teach me.  We're planning on one lesson a month, with the end result of making Vintage Vogue 2902.  Either that or a body for poor Hetty...

2) Exercise more.
This is perilously close to a resolution, but it has nothing to do with weight loss or body image.  It has everything to do with how much better you feel about yourself when you get off your backside and do something.  So I'm going to.  This is obviously the goal I'm the least excited about meeting, but the one I think will do me the most immediate good.

3)  Knit only from my queue.
I started by saying I would knit half my queue in 2013.  But then I actually looked at my queue and realized there are 65 items on it, and that even at my best pace I probably can't knit 32 items in a year (notice how I say probably, like I'm not completely convinced - my best total is 30, but that was in the halcyon days when I only made washcloths and socks).  So I've dialed it back.  I joined the Ravelry group - Knit the Queue - and have matched 70% of my stash to projects (There were spreadsheets involved, as well as gratuitous use of Ravelry's advanced pattern search function).  I'm going to get through what I get through, which will help with my stashdown.  My ultimate goal is to get to the point where instead of buying/being given yarn, matching it to pattern through sheer necessity/force of will, and then ending up with a closet full of random accessories and oddly colored squeaky acrylic sweaters, I will buy yarn for the patterns I already know I want to make.  This should help with Cold Sheep, as well, now that I'm back on the sheep after a spectacular three month yarn-buying binge.

4) Move in with the Boy and get married.
Not necessarily in that order.  And sooner, rather than later.  This long-distance relationship stuff is for the birds.

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January 4, 2013 at 8:56 AM

It is so good to see you posting something again! Especially when it describes your mother so eloquently!

I wish you success in meeting your goals.