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Sunday, August 18, 2013


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We have a new member of the household.  Having both grown up in households that couldn't say no to an animal in need, neither the Boy nor I were capable of saying no to this face when it appeared on our facebook feed:

Especially not after his initial rescuer, (one of my co-workers, who found him under a van) informed us that she was naming him after ol' blue eyes, Frank Sinatra.  Since we already have Sammy and DeanMartin, we decided it was a sign.  We picked him up as soon as we got back from our honeymoon.  He's about 7 weeks old, at best guess, and is suffering from all the typical signs of abandonment (fleas, worms, ear-mites), but has had his first round of baby-shots and will be going back for boosters soon.  He is the snuggliest little dude and loves to sleep on chests.  He's also very playful; he loves to fish things out of the toy bucket and run them all over the house.

The household is...adjusting.  DeanMartin is cautiously interested, but Sammy wants the intruder to disappear and never come back ("when's this baby's momma coming to get it?").  It's been less than a week, though, so I'm optimistic that another couple of weeks will find everyone getting along swimmingly.