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Monday, September 9, 2013

American Duchess Claremonts

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I don't do this sort of thing very often (make posts encouraging you to buy things, I mean.  Except yarn, obviously), but American Duchess is worthy of the attention.  Everything Lauren produces is incredibly well-researched and of such high quality.  Basically, her shoes are amazing, comfortable, and awesome.

I will be making a post soon about the wonderful 23Skidoos I got for my birthday and how beautifully they painted up and how comfortable they are to wear. But for now, let me show you the Claremonts.

If I could have dreamed up the perfect shoe, this would be it.  I love 1930s and 1940s footwear, and I completely trust that these shoes will be comfortable enough to wear while teaching, because Lauren knows her stuff, and my 23Skidoos are so well balanced I can dance in them (which cannot be said for most heels).  The pre-order is running right now (all  American Duchess shoe designs are crowd-funded), and I need enough people to buy it that she is able to make a run of the equally awesome black version, because yes, I will, in fact, probably end up buying a pair in each color.

You can also enter to win a pair here.