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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Indie Designer Gift-a-long

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Christmas knitting can be stressful.  Every year I say to myself, "This year, I just won't do it.  I love my knitworthy friends, but I can knit for them during a much less busy time of the year."  And then every year I wind up deciding to knit six or seven things just weeks before the holiday.  But this year, there's the Indie Designer Gift-a-long going on on Ravelry to give me the extra push I need to plan things early.

From Nov 1 through Nov 15, a bunch of really talented indie designer are offering their patterns for 25% off their regular price.  Once you've purchased a pattern (or seven) you can participate in the Giftalong (which runs until Dec 31) and be entered to win prizes for completing projects you needed to complete anyway.  It's a win/win situation.

You can find all the awesome patterns here, on Pinterest, but here are just a few of my favorites:

1) Myrna by Kristen Hanely Cardozo - regularly $6.50

2) Oak Park by Laura Aylor - regularly $5

3) Lempika Headband/Hat by Ash Kearns - regularly $6 CAD

4) Magickal Quidditch Socks by Jennifer Dassau - regularly $6

5) Ink by Hanna Maciejewska - regularly $6.00

All project photos are taken from the individual Ravelry pattern pages unless otherwise noted. No copyright infringement intended.